• Christmas Party
    Our Christmas party was held on the 16 December 2019. It was a full house and all who came had a good time. “Pictures don’t lie”
  • Exercise during lockdown
    The coronavirus crisis is making life tough for everyone but especially, children, the elderly and the vulnerable.  Many feel anxious without the club, many are trapped at home, unable to see or meet up with their friends. Regardless of age, many of us will be […]
  • Laughter Yoga
    HIBISCUS CLUB in partnership with HEARTS AND MINDS CONSULTANCY SERVICE LIMITED What is it? Laughter exercises Yoga breathing techniques What are the benefits? Increases oxygen to the brain Lower Cortisol levels Boosts the Immune system Increases blood circulation Increases Self Confidence When does it take […]
  • Community Guest Open Day
  • Small is Beautiful
    31 Jan 2019 – Anju Bhatt Small voluntary sector organisations play an important role for London’s residents. Working at a ‘hyper local’ level, often run by volunteers and with very little public funding they are a lifeline to communities that public bodies see as ‘hard to […]