Hibiscus Senior Citizens Club


The aim of the Hibiscus Senior Citizens Club is to provide a safe place for residence to socialise and also to encourage elderly people to meet up with other resident in informal surroundings. 


Our mission is to offer a safe place for residents to have supportive services, as well as to provide creative and recreational activities that will stimulate the mind, body and soul.

Hibiscus Senior Citizens Club

Hibiscus Club is a Voluntary Group, run by local volunteers.

Mrs M. started the The Hibiscus Senior Citizens Club in the 1980’s.  Since then, there has been ten (10) Co-ordinators. My involvement as Coordinator began in 1997.

The centre has been providing a community meeting place for residents for over 10 years.

We set up with the aim of helping people out of isolation and loneliness and to share experiences amongst each other.

The management and membership of the club have evolved over the years. 

The residents’ who attend participate in activities. Where they are able to develop new skills as well as embracing new enriching experience.

‘Mrs Housen, Co-ordinator’.

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